Jin Yeu Tsou

Professor Jin Yeu TSOU is the Raymond Hu Professor of Architecture in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the City University of Hong Kong and the Emeritus Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

He is the Founder and Founding Director of the Center for Housing Innovations; the Senior Fellow of the Architectural Society of China; Board of Directors and Chairman of China Green Building (HK) Council and Director of Board of Certification; Board of Directors of International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE); Senior Fellow of International Forum of Urbanism (IFoU); Advisory Board member of Greater Bay Area (GBA) Carbon Neutrality Association.

He received the SASADA Award 2016 by the Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA). He assisted HKSAR in researching the impact of architectural design (e.g., Amoy Garden) on the spread of the virus in the air during SARS in 2003, and submitted the works to WHO as supporting documents.

His interdisciplinary research interests cover the areas of sustainable architecture design, performance-based simulation, evidence-based design, green building, remote sensing, and urban planning. His recent research projects include: applying CFD simulation to design D.I.Y. negative pressure air shield device against airborne COVID spread in crowded elderly homes in HK; establishing a multi-source remote sensing data fusion big data system for evaluating GBA coastal cities’ carbon sequestration under different development strategies.